Breaking the Money Barriers Book

More than a book, it's a manual for a completely new life!
What if there was a way to break through your money barriers? What would you be doing with your life at this very moment? What would your day be like today? What type of work or business would you be doing? Well, these answers are only a moment from entering into your life with the bestselling book, Breaking the Money Barriers.

Breaking the Money Barriers book has helped people to create a better version of themselves effortlessly. The information contained in Breaking the Money Barriers will show tell you how money is not real. Money is only paper, metal, and numbers on your financial accounts. The only thing that makes any of these forms of money real is the value and confidence you place in them. Please let me explain this simple but powerful concept to wealth accumulation.

If someone gave you a $100 bill, and you took the fresh new currency to the store to buy something. Let's say the store clerk took your $100 bill, used a yellow marker to see if it was real and found it to be a fake. What is the value of that $100 bill at that point? Exactly, the money changed from being valuable to worthless in an instant. The paper is the same but the value changed. Where did the value change? Right, only in your mind, and the store clerk's mind. So, money is nothing more than than thought energy that we place value upon.

When you begin using the principles taught in Breaking the Money Barriers, your thinking changes and so does your personal wealth.

Dr. Michael J. Ducket began life in an extremely impoverished environment on the streets of Detroit with seven sisters; through perseverance and har work, he became wealthy by age twenty-three. Having explored the fundamentals of human behavior that most affect acheievement on personal and professional levels, Dr. Michael J. Duckett now shares his discoveries with others.

Breaking the Money Barriers condenses and simplifies the necessary steps to accumulate money-fast! After reading the information contained here, your life and finances will be improved beyond your wildest dreams.

In Breaking the Money Barriers you will learn:

Powerful and unusual concepts explaining how money is nothing more than energy
How to change money problems into abundance by applying simple principles
How to create money-building funds that will stimlate a constant cash flow into your life
How to tap into hidden income currently all around you
How to eliminate fears, balance life, increase money, and improve time management
How to once and for all create an abundance of wealth as this information has done for thousands of people

"A simpler approach to wealth accumulation has never been written before Breaking The Money Barriers, and probably will never be surpassed! 
L. Anatola, New York, NY, Educator

"Dr. Michael Duckett is more than a financial genius, he is a teacher who makes accumulating wealth fun, simple, and fast in Breaking The Money Barriers!     
M. Taylor, chicago, IL, Administrative Assistant

"As soon as you start reading Breaking the Money Barriers, your life changes and so do your finances!"     
E. Sholtz, Amsterdam, Holland, Entrepreneur

"I've read Breaking the Money Barriers several times and I still can't put it down! It has change my life forever!     
A. Markes, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Housewife

Who could benefit from reading Breaking the Money Barriers? Just about anyone who is interested in breaking through the barriers that is holding their money flow back.

Financial Planners, Advisors, Stock Brokers, Bankers, and Life Coaches use this information with their clients to overcome financial obstacles. People who have been struggling trying to "make a living" find the answers to unlocking a strong flow of cash into their lives quickly.

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